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Sexual Offences

Client charged with rape. Client was a minicab driver. Victim was sister of a well-known Hollywood star. Client who was granted bail stood trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, the issue being consent. Following a trial the client was found not guilty. Case widely reported in all the national press.

Client was at a nightclub with a number of Premiership footballers and the alleged victim believed client was also premiership footballer. Having spent the night with him and on finding out he was not a Premiership footballer she made an allegation of rape to the police. Consent again in issue and following a trial at which the client gave evidence he was found not guilty in December 2008.

Client who was a bank manager was arrested for sexual assault on a female on a train whilst travelling to work. Another alleged victim then came forward and client further arrested. Eventually no further action taken by the police in relation to either allegation.

Client who was a social worker was accused by his former girlfriend of rape. Having had consensual sex with his former girlfriend the client informed her that he did not wish to see her again as he was now in a relationship with someone else. His former girlfriend contacted the police and accused him of rape. The issue therefore being one of consent. Client was granted bail by the crown court and was found not guilty following a trial at the Old Bailey.

Client was arrested for rape, other sexual offences, false imprisonment and threats to kill. It was alleged by the victim that her boyfriend had failed to repay a loan to the client who had committed the offences in order to scare her boyfriend into repaying the loan. The alleged offences were said to have occurred in the front seats of a very small car. The client who weighed over 18 stones denied all of the offences and also provided some information about the alleged victim, which completely discredited her. In June 2010 after a 14 month investigation the police confirmed that no further action taken would be taken against the client.

Client is due to stand trial in January 2011 for sexual assault and kidnap.

Client is due to return to the police station in November 2010 for sexual assault on his stepdaughter.

Client is due to return to police station in November 2010 for rape and sexual assault.

Client is due to stand trial in February 2011 for sexual assault x 2. Consent will be the issue at trial.

Client is due to return to police station in December 2010 for possession and distribution of indecent images of children.

Client is due to return to police station in November 2010 for raping a fellow student.

Client who was 15 years old was charged with two counts of sexual assault, GBH and robbery. The client was granted bail at the first appearance at court. He was found "not guilty of all charges following a trial.

Client is due to return to police station in November 2010 for rape and sexual assault on his niece.